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Last updated: 14th July 2022

Monthly Income Scheme

Our dreams may turn into reality through BDBL's Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)
Features and Benefits:
    =>Hassle Free Deposit
    =>Tenor: 5 years.
    =>Deposit Amount: Minimum Tk.1,00,000.00 and Maximum Tk.10,00,000.00
    =>Loan can be availed against the lien of of the deposited MIS amount.The loan amount will be maximum 80% of the deposited amount.
    =>Customer can close the account before maturity.
    =>Account can be opened in the name of the individual or in joint names.
    =>Only Resident Bangladeshi National is allowed to open MIS Account.
    =>Account can be opened at any time of the month.
Applicants must satisfy the following documentation requirements:
    =>Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport/ NID Card / Driving License.
    =>Three copies of recent passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer.
    =>Certified document(s) for the source of income.
    =>TIN Certificate.
    =>Single/Joint account can be opened.
    =>Fees and Charges: As per the existing schedule of charges which is separately displayed/shown on the website.

=>Attractive Interest Rate. 6%

Condition: Government tax and excise duty are applicable.

Please refer to our Forms and Documents for the Application Form and required documents

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